Contract Packing Services

Contract Packing Services

Flow wrapping is an automated process that wraps film around a product and crimps it at each end and fin seal running the length of the pack. Flow wrapping is a packaging process that over wraps a product within a film. This food quality film can be clear or printed in up to 10 colours. Flow wrap packing is a swift, economical way of packing a wide range of products,

VFFS is an abbreviation for Vertical Form Fill and Seal is an extremely quick and cost-effective method of packing. Based on weight, our multi bagging or vertical bagging machines construct plastic bags out of a flat roll of film while simultaneously filling the bag with product from above and sealing it.
We currently have a number of these MULTI-HEAD weighing machines available.

Our Cartoning service automatically creates a box from a flat pack template, product is inserted into the carton and applies adhesive to both ends to seal the box. The box is then coded before being packed into the final outer case.

Manual Rework – There are many packing projects where machine production is just not feasible, so hand packing by a skilled team is the most efficient answer. From order fulfilment and addressing pack quality issues such as incorrect labelling or damaged goods, to simply relabelling or repacking in a different format, our experienced team offers a comprehensive Manual Rework service. Euro foods can efficiently resolve any problems that may arise further down the packing chain, such as changing barcodes to suit stockist requirements, as well as carrying out fault checks, providing you with the peace of mind that all products reaching store shelves have been checked to customer specification.

The benefits of repackaging and reworking services
  1. Your products don’t go to waste.
  2. You protect your brand and image.
  3. Errors in initial package printing need repacking.
  4. Expired promotions need repacking .
  5. Product weight format needs changing
  6. The existing packaging is damaged.